Sustainability is a principal concern at Studio Parga and we are constantly working to improve our commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

We are proud to print on a cotton rag paper made from cotton linters, a by-product of the textile industry that would otherwise end up in landfill as a pre-consumer waste product. This paper is also free from optical brightening agents such as bleach; such agents are often used in the paper industry for whitening purposes and are harmful for the environment. 

By partnering with printing facilites in the UK, Europe and the USA we are able to reduce our carbon footprint by cutting down on the distance your orders have to travel once shipped. When your order comes in it'll be sent to the nearest site for printing and framing, helping us to get your prints to you quickly and more sustainably.

The air-filled cushioning used to protect our prints and frames during delivery is 100% recyclable, as are the card envelopes and boxes we use for shipping.  

Finally, our prints are produced individually to order, ensuring that our consumption of materials and energy is kept to an absolute minimum and we don't overstock products that we might eventually have to destroy.   

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