All Studio Parga prints are made to the highest of standards, with quality, longevity and vibrancy forming the foundations of our production processes. Yet while our prints are designed to last a lifetime, we do recommend that you take the following steps to further ensure the conservation of your prints. 

When handling your print please refrain from touching the surface as this may cause scratches and natural oils from your hands may stain the print. Alternatively, lift the print from the edges using both hands for support.

Keep your print out of direct sunlight or intense indirect sunlight as exposure to these will accelerate the ageing process and cause the print to fade. Also, avoid exposing your print to excessive temperatures or humidity as these will cause damage.   

Frame your print as soon as possible to protect it from dust and environmental factors. Use acid-free materials to prevent your work from discolouring. All of the frames we use for our free framing service are made from acid-free materials as standard.   

On the journal

Hanging your print

Hanging art needn't be a fretful experience. In this article we cover the basic steps you can take to ensure everything goes smoothly when hanging art prints in your home.

How to style it

You've chosen your print and taken the time to select a frame that complements and protects your art. But how are you going to style your work in your home? 

Caring for your print

Printed on archival paper using lightfast inks, our high-quality prints are designed to last a lifetime. However, we recommend you take the following steps to ensure the conservation of your art.


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