A work of art is never truly finished until it's been framed and displayed on a wall. And choosing a frame should never be regarded as an afterthought, since the frame will be an integral part of your art print. Here at Studio Parga we understand that choosing a frame might seem daunting, so we've put together a selection of simple tips to ensure you make a choice that will bring out the best in your print. A frame must be chosen to complement, not compete with you print. 

If you're creating an art wall then varying the colours and textures of you frames can help to add rhythm and interest to your collection. These variations could be simple, such as choosing a wood finish across all frames but varying the type of wood finish used to include natural wood and stained wood, or varying the type of wood used for framing, from a light pine to a dark oak. More diverse variations could involve aluminium frames placed alongside oak frames, or vintage gold frames displayed next to contemporary perspex frames to create an eclectic feel. 

Last but not least, a frame isn't just an aesthetic choice made for display purposes, it's also crucial to protecting your print. We advise framing your print as soon as possible after you've received it in order to protect it from dust and scratches. When framing be sure to use acid-free materials so as to prevent discolouration and place glass or plexiglass in front of your print to help protect it from the sun's ultraviolet light. At Studio Parga we offer acid-free and plexiglass frames as standard. 

When you buy a print from Studio Parga you have the option to use our free framing service for all of our print sizes. We offer a black, white or natural oak finish on our frames, which are made from responsibly sourced wood from sustainably managed and renewable forests. Our high-quality plexiglass windows mean that your prints will be protected from dust and other environmental factors for years to come.

Should you wish to frame your prints yourself, then we do recommend that larger prints are mounted before being framed, so as to prevent the artwork from warping or buckling.

On the journal

Hanging your print

Hanging art needn't be a fretful experience. In this article we cover the basic steps you can take to ensure everything goes smoothly when hanging art prints in your home.

How to style it

You've chosen your print and taken the time to select a frame that complements and protects your art. But how are you going to style your work in your home? 

Caring for your print

Printed on archival paper using lightfast inks, our high-quality prints are designed to last a lifetime. However, we recommend you take the following steps to ensure the conservation of your art.


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